Paneer Biryani

Paneer Biryani is a versatile dish which encompasses aromatic spices, soft paneer cubes, long grain aromatic basmati rice, and is the perfect treat for the souls of both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarians. Nowadays, a protein-rich diet has suddenly become a rage for various reasons including strengthening muscles and bones as well as a weight loss program. The dish is prepared by adding pastes of dry fruits (Almond, Cashew, Coconut, Raisin, and Milk), paneer cubes, onion, hung yogurt to rice, spiced up with green chili paste, ginger garlic paste, bay leaf, and other ground spices. Paneer is little roasted into the ghee before adding it into the rice along with all the ingredients. The lip-smacking dish can be served with green chutney for a finger-licking experience.

Why from Nigar BiryaniNigar Biryani specializes in the finer details of the aromatic long grain basmati rice, the perfect selection, and the right blend of sacred Indian herbs and exotic spices to prepare this amazing dish that requires patience and finer techniques to come out with the mouthwatering, delicious and yummy Paneer Biryani.


Half-  (1/2 Kg) Rs 180

Full- (1 Kg) Rs 275

Green Salad@ Rs 51

Desert- One bowl@ Rs90

(Choose one  from Tasmai Sewai/Makhana Kheer/Rice Kheer)