Chicken Stew

Chicken Stew is one of the best chicken delicacies when it’s prepared with proper technique. The preparation of the dish is followed by little sautéing of tender chicken pieces into ghee or mustard oil along with bay leaf, fresh ground spices, ginger & garlic paste, red chili powder, curd, and, freshly chopped onions. Chickens are roasted along with all the ingredients and cooked on slow flame till it becomes tender and juicy that produces an aromatic meaty flavor for a finger-licking experience.

Chicken Curry ,Chicken Stew Near Me- It’s Chicken Stew

Why from Nigar BiryaniNigar Biryani specializes in the finer details of the perfect selection of chicken, the right blend of sacred Indian herbs, and exotic spices to prepare this amazing dish that requires patience and finer techniques to come out with the mouthwatering, delicious, and yummy Chicken Stew.


Full-Rs 375 (5 pcs)

Green Salad@ Rs 51

Desert- One bowl@ Rs90

(Choose one  from Tasmai Sewai/Makhana Kheer/Rice Kheer)