Muradabadi Yakhni Chicken Biryani

This Biryani is a symbolic dish of Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh. The lip-smacking Muradabadi Yakhni Chicken Biryani i.e Muradabadi Yakhni Pulao is a delicious amalgamation of aromatic long grain basmati rice, tender, and juicy chicken pieces with Indian herbs and exotic spices. Yakhni means boiled, so the whole garam masala in a raw form like Clove, Cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, etc, are boiled first along with the salt and chicken. The same yakhni water is used for the preparation of Yakhni Biryani which is light on the tummy and liked generously by the biryani enthusiasts.

It’s served with onion slices, raita ,or green coriander chutney.

Biryani Near Me- It’s Muradabadi Yakhni Chicken Biryani.

Why from Nigar Biryani—Nigar Biryani specializes in the finer details of the perfect selection and right blend of sacred Indian herbs and exotic spices to prepare this lip-smacking yakhni biryani that requires patience, and finer techniques to come out with the mouthwatering, delicious, and yummy Muradabadi Biryani


Half- (1/2 kg) Rs 250 (3 pieces of chicken)

Full- (1 kg) Rs 400 (6 pieces of chicken)

Green Salad@ Rs51

Desert- One bowl@ Rs 90

(Choose one from Tasmai Sewai/Makhana Kheer/Rice Kheer)

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